·  I often stumble across the term Black Friday deals. What does it mean?

Well, it’s an American tradition and occurs a day after Thanksgiving. The main theme of Black Friday is ‘’insane deals on products.’’ Retailers, both online and offline, offer insane discounts and coupons on products to usher in the Christmas shopping season. The Black Friday Phenomenon has since spilled beyond borders and countries like the U.K. and Canada are embracing it. It’s the biggest single shopping event in America and globally today.

·  What is Cyber Monday?

Cyber Monday was introduced by Ellen Davis and Scott Silvermanand on November 28, 2005. It’s aimed at catering for shoppers who are not able to make it to brick-and-motor stores to leverage the Black Friday deals because of the massive chaos and long queues. While Black Friday has long been the biggest selling event of the year in America, Cyber Monday is slowly overtaking it due to the rapid expansion of online shopping.

· I see insanely great discounts on items during Black Friday sales offer. Are the offers real?

Absolutely. The reason for the insanely great discounts is that the prices have been negotiated with suppliers up front. So retailers know that despite the great discounts on offer, they are making profits at the end of the day.

· Where can I get the best Black Friday Deals?

There are many places to find Black Friday deals. The first place to look is popular retailers like Wal-Mart, Amazon, Target and Best Buy. They offer great discounts on a wide variety of products from electronics to apparel. You can also leverage apps like SlickDeals, Flipp, and Shopkick to find various retailers around you and globally that offer the best Black Friday coupons and discounts.

· Can you give an outline of how I can find the best Black Friday deals?

The secret to getting the best Black Friday deals is to write down what you want, consider your budget and know the Black Friday market dynamics. If you’re an enthusiastic shopper, you’ll realize that retailers charge higher prices in October to offset the insane discounts offered during Black Friday and Cyber Monday weekend. You must be able to know the correct retail prices for items, especially electronics to ensure you’re getting real discounts during Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

· Is there any form of consumer protection when buying products on the Black Friday deals?

In the United States, there are numerous legislations to protect consumers such as the Fair Credit Billing Act. Ideally, this act allows you to dispute any charge or cancel payment if the retailer is under investigation.

· Should I be worried about my private information security during Black Friday shopping?

During this period, scammers and hackers also want to make a kill by stealing credit card details from unsuspecting shoppers. Always make sure to authenticate retailers you choose to shop from. Also, take note of links to deals on social media or unsolicited emails regardless of how legit they look. Hackers may use those traps to get you click on malware, and they could harness your personal information as a result.