According to the National Retail Federation, online Black Friday sales last year amounted to a staggering $3.34 billion. This represents an increase of 21.6 % from 2015 Black Friday sales. The numbers indicate that more shoppers are buying products online on Black Friday than ever recorded. The National Retail Federation project that 2017 online Black Friday sales will surpass the $3.5 billion mark. This is an opportunity for retailers to fortify their marketing campaigns to leverage this anticipated upsurge in shoppers. Here are 5 promotional ideas to increase your retail store’s Black Friday sales:

Introduce mystery Black Friday shopping rewards

Start early campaigns by motivating shoppers to buy in your store on Black Friday by giving out mystery rewards to customers. For instance, you can introduce a promotion whereby if a customer spends more than $30 on Black Friday, they earn a reward such as a free digital watch, black Friday coupon or a $6 gift card to buy anything in your retail store. Leverage social media, text messaging or email to do this.

Initiate a loyalty program to supercharge your Black Friday sales

Loyalty programs are vital to the long-term success of any business. They not only delight customers but also make them buy endlessly from your retail store. You can use POS systems to track your loyal customers’ behavior and send them the best Black Friday deals through mobile app notifications, email, and text message. The idea of this program is to give your loyal customers preference on the top Black Friday deals.

Introduce Black Friday coupons, sweepstakes, quizzes and contests on social platforms

Create pre-Black Friday offers like coupons, quizzes, contests and sweepstakes on social media to get your customers in the Black Friday mood. You can take advantage of premade templates to create those and cajole customers to give out their information such as email addresses and phone numbers to get the opportunity to win. You can also offer customers the opportunity to partake in the sweepstakes by liking your social media pages. This way, you can build a solid customer base that can take your Black Friday sales to another level.

Creating a scavenger hunt in your brick-and-motor store is a creative way to optimize your Black Friday sales

With competition for customers on this Black Friday projected to be fierce than ever before, you have to be as creative as possible to stay ahead of the pack. Creating scavenger hunt is one of the most innovative Black Friday sales marketing strategies you need to employ. Scavenger hunt involves giving customers a challenge to spot a specific item in your store. The customer who finds the item first gets a good discount. This is a creative way to spice up your Black Friday 2017 deals and enhance store sales.