Black Friday is a glorious opportunity for marketers and retail store owners alike. According to the National Retail Federation, about 30% of all retail sales each year occur during Black Friday through to the Christmas period. This year, the percentage is expected to increase significantly, especially due to the expansion of the online space and mobile penetration. Therefore, any smart marketer wanting to attain record Black Friday sales should direct their marketing campaigns to social media. If you’re a retailer hoping to cash in on the Black Friday boom, here are 4 social media marketing strategies to implement:

Utilize paid social Black Friday ads to drive more conversions

If you want to experience great impact on your Black Friday deals, it’s strongly recommended that you use paid social ads. You may have a limited budget for your entire marketing campaign, but the Black Friday and Cyber Monday weekend is the time to make sacrifices to bolster your product offers. Paid social ads have a wider market outreach compared to organic social posts.

Crank out high-quality, engaging and persuasive marketing copies to supercharge your Black Friday sales

Content is critical to ensure your social media Black Friday deals appeal to many customers. You can easily achieve record Black Friday sales by churning out high-quality, engaging and persuasive copies, including an optimized call to actions. When the Black Friday and Cyber Monday weekend is approaching, ensure to crank out marketing copies that elicit excitement, urgency, and fear of missing out on a great deal.

Use top quality visuals to boost your Black Friday sales

In an increasingly visual-based world, people have developed a high affinity for images and videos. To ensure your Black Friday ads stand out from competitors, you need to invest in high-quality visuals. High-quality visuals equate to high levels of engagement on social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook.

Synchronize your Black Friday marketing campaigns to develop faster brand awareness

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are two great opportunities to boost engagement and conversions for your retail outlet. That’s why you should boost your brand’s awareness at this time by aggregating your marketing channels. If you intend to use email marketing as your primary promotion tool for Back Friday, be sure to mention your social media platforms. The opposite is true because you can harness customers’ email addresses when they make purchases through your social media promotions. You can also use offline Black Friday ads to drive customers to your brick-and-motor store and online store.